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A high school football coach in suburban Atlanta has been arrested on charges of sexual assault.

WSB-TV reported Monday that DeKalb County school district officials say Darrell Lake was removed from the classroom at Cedar Grove High School and taken into custody on March 6. A student says Lake is a defensive end coach at the school, where he is also a paraprofessional.

DeKalb County schools spokesman Andre Riley says Lake was arrested in connection to a police investigation.

Lake tells the news station Monday that he is looking for an attorney and hopes to get the charges dropped.

Jail records show Lake posted bail on March 11.

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Lake is a paraprofessional at Cedar Grove High School in DeKalb County. Devyn says he’s also his defensive end coach.

The 31 year old was pulled from class, the school district says, after an investigation that led to charges of sexual assault against a person in custody.

“One of those responsibilities is not to have sexual contact with a person in your care,” said criminal defense attorney Scott Smith.

Smith told WSB-TV Monday the charge implies Lake had sexual contact with a student in his care. The district would only confirm in a statement.

“An employee was arrested March 6 at Cedar Grove High School in connection with a police investigation. The matter is also under review by the district and we will respond appropriately,” Riley said.

WSB-TV made an open records request for Lake’s personnel file, the police report and video from the classroom where Lake is in charge of detention. According to his LinkedIn account, he’s assigned to students in the in-school suspension program and works with students during reflection period.

“He had to have some type of ability to discipline this student or he would not be such a serious felony charge,” Smith said.

Smith says if convicted Lake faces 25 years in prison.