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Virginia’s Henrico Country police were called to a Lowe’s Home Improvement on New Year’s Eve after a pair of young men wearing Donald Trump masks reportedly began boxing each other in the store.

“All of a sudden there’s commotion […] and next thing you know, these two guys come with Donald Trump masks on,” witness Michael Willis, who made the call to police, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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Willis said he was initially concerned that the men, who he guessed were in their early 20s, were robbers, but he soon realized they were also wearing boxing gloves and were preparing to duke it out.

“All of a sudden, they started holding their hands up, jumping up and down, and they had boxing gloves on. And they started beating the devil out of each other and hollering ‘Donald Trump! Donald Trump!'” Willis said. “And then one of them fell and knocked some stuff down in the aisles, and the other one jumped on him, started hitting him in the face. I mean, these people, they were hitting. If they was acting, they was doing a good job on it.”

Henrico police Captain Chris Eley wrote that authorities were notified of a “disorderly display that scared customers.” Although no arrests were made, a person over the age of 16 can be charged with a felony for wearing a mask in certain circumstances in Virginia, including in public and on private property if the property owner has not granted permission.

One of the men returned to the store shortly after the incident because he had accidentally dropped his keys inside. At that time, Willis claims the man told him they were just trying to have fun.

The lone comment on the Richmond-Times Dispatch’s original story simply says, “IDIOTS!”

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