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A man, fearing he’d be homeless after his 85-year-old grandmother died, did something despicable to her decomposing body.

Christopher Fuhrer, 30, of Queens, allegedly wrapped her body in roughly 10 plastic bags, if not more, for nearly five months after she passed away in May, PIX11 reported.

Officials said a relative called police about the horrific discovery.

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Fuhrer took police to a bedroom where Erika Kraus-Breslin’s wrapped body was lying on the floor at her Ridgewood home.

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Police said Fuhrer used a fan and air fresheners to reduce the smell of her body, which started to smell just a day after her death.

Fuhrer was arrested and faces charges such as not reporting his grandmother’s death and improper burial.

“She loved this kid,” Toni Binanti, a local bakery owner where Kraus-Breslin used to work, told NBC New York. “Out of all of her grandchildren, this was the one she talked about the most.”

A medical examiner will determine how she died.

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