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When I heard Monday that James Brady, the longtime White House press secretary to President Reagan, had died at age 73, I was a little saddened. I didn’t know him personally but knew he had been a valuable part of the Reagan revolution in DC.

So I took to Twitter to briefly pay tribute to this fallen conservative soldier. But I added a small caveat because although Brady was a good man he did something that was foolish, at the very least.

After being shot in a 1981 assassination attempt on Reagan’s life, Brady suffered debilitation and brain injury. Rather than blame the shooter, he blamed the gun industry and backed unconstitutional legislation which bore his name to register and regulate firearms.

This did real damage. Because of the Brady Bill, law abiding people who need guns right now have had to wait to buy them, with sometimes deadly results.

So I wrote:

This was far, far more tactful than my tweet from the year before when Brady was still very much alive. It read:

If I had used the more incendiary 2013 tweet upon hearing of Brady’s death, I would understand why left-wing Second Amendment haters on Twitter would be upset.

But I was diplomatic because Brady was freshly deceased, and you usually don’t speak ill of the dead right away.

That wasn’t good enough for holier-than-though leftists. Former Current TV host John Fugelsang passed the message along to his Twitter followers and the two minutes hate commenced.

A sampling:

That’s Twitter for you.

It’s been said that the mob has many heads but no brains. And a left wing mob is dumber still.

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