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DAYTON – A 52-year-old victim was so intoxicated he didn’t realize his double barrel shotgun was stolen out of his truck and he worries he’ll be blamed if anyone is harmed by the weapon.

Nonetheless, he told police he would never stop using guns and beer following the incident in the 1400 block of North Keowee Street, according to authorities.

He didn’t report the missing gun for two days. According to police, the man told them, “Ok, I’ll tell you everything. I was drunk. I drank a 30-pack of beer and was showing my nephews my shotgun, which was wrapped up in a blanket.

After being thrown out of his house by his wife, police said the man told authorities, “I slept in my truck and went to pawn my shotgun and now I can’t find it.”

Police said the victim said he was so intoxicated, he wasn’t sure what happened. He is concerned if someone does get shot with his shotgun, he will be blamed.

He was charged with using weapons while intoxicated.

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