The Scala club in Guipry-Messac is under fire for a party that they held last weekend that featured a live bear in chains. France’s English language paper, The Connexion, stated that one of the club managers said in a Facebook video that he was an “animal lover” and that “photographs of a muzzled bear shown out of the context of the circus night had sadly given rise to negative reactions.”

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One woman tweeted: “When you get to the point when you chain up a bear in a nightclub? People really don’t know what else to come up with for buzz, it’s shameful.”

The Guardian reported that a petition is being circulated in hopes that animals will be banned from nightclubs. The petition reportedly states “The animals have no place in this kind of establishment…the noise, the people, may stress the animal…if a person gets hurt, it is the animal that will be killed.” The French Association for the Protection of Endangered Species that seeks to protect animals also took to Twitter after the event and condemned the club.

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The owners of Scala have stated that they will not use live animals in their attractions again. Users have left hundreds of comments on the club’s Facebook page declaring that they will boycott the club.

People are furious and heartbroken over what one French nightclub did to a live bear Facebook/scalaguipry
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