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An Arizona mother reportedly took heroin, then locked her 3-year-old daughter in a closet.

According to a police report, 24-year-old Paige Nicole Adams was arrested, then confessed to taking heroin, KPHO reported. Adams left her child inside an apartment alone and told police that her daughter was in the company of friends at the time, according to a report.

Not only was the girl found an apartment alone, she was found inside a bedroom closet and reportedly left for roughly 12 hours. Officers say they discovered syringes inside the apartment as well, according to the station.

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A police report said, “The victim was crying and had a dirty diaper,” KPHO reported. According to the report, Adams said “she did not think she would be gone long.”

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According to the report, Adams couldn’t give officers a reason why she did what she did to her daughter when she was arrested saying, “things were a blur.”

Adams was previously arrested for allegedly shoplifting on September 29.

Adams has an October 17 court date.

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