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Tennessee police were notified of a woman suspiciously parked outside of a gas station and ended up hauling her into jail on an outstanding warrant, but it’s what happened when they got there that everyone’s talking about.

Jean Carrion-Velazquez, whose age has not yet been revealed, was taken to jail Tuesday after workers at Thornton’s Gas Station reported her to the police. She told police that she was sitting in the car because she is homeless.

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According to WZTV, a quick search of her car yielded three used heroin needles. At the station, police asked if the woman she had anything else on her person during a strip-search.

She said no, but police found a “folded piece of paper with a white powdery substance inside her vagina.” Carrion-Velazquez then attempted to “place the paper in her mouth and swallow it before the sheriffs could grab it.”

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Officers determined that the substance was heroin, and Carrion-Velazquez admitted to that.

A quick search for her led us to her Facebook page, where she looks quite different than her mugshot. A key identifier is the tattoo next to her left eye.

Facebook/Jean Carrion-Velazquez
Facebook/Jean Carrion-Velazquez

She’s been charged with possession and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

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