Starbucks says a viral post claiming a Brookhaven barista targeted white customers with vile acts — spit in a drink, blood mixed with jam, dog feces in a small child’s hot chocolate — is “completely false.”

In fact, Starbucks has no employee by the name used in the post on a Facebook group, the company told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday. The Facebook account used a woman’s name, Shanell Rivers, and a profile picture of a black woman.

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The post tore through social media, causing a headache for the company and enough tension that one store closed briefly Sunday over fears for employee safety, according to The Washington Post.

Starbucks alerted Brookhaven police to the situation at the Ashford-Dunwoody Road location.

“The postings are currently under investigation,” Maj. Brandon Gurley told the AJC. “We are working to identify the true identity of the person or persons responsible for the postings so that we can better understand their motives.”

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