A 25-year-old married teacher at Valley High School in Las Vegas, Nev. is under arrest after being accused of sending as many as 13,000 texts, many of which were sexual in nature, to a 17-year-old special ed student with a learning disability and has “the IQ of a child.”

Jillian B. Lafave was arrested on Jan. 16, was put on paid administrative leave and now faces a felony charge of performing a sex act with a pupil, after allegedly being discovered by a hall monitor, the New York Daily News noted.

Since then, police discovered the 13,000-plus text messages.

Below is a screenshot of a police report excerpt:


Quite disturbingly, the report says the teen told police “he loves Lafave and she loves him.”

“A lot of the texts were sexual in nature and we have not had time to read all of the text,” the report continued. “A lot of the texts were between him and her having phone sex.”

Furthermore, he called her “mom” and she called him “son.”

KNTV reported that Lafave “admitted to kissing the student several times before winter break. Lafave told police she had never had sex with the teen but that she had touched his penis.”

Another source at the school said sex acts occurred multiple times.

Lafave is currently free on bond and will be in court by March.

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