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PRYOR, Okla. — A Pryor, Oklahoma, woman is recovering after she said two clowns attacked her.

Deputies in Mayes County said the woman stopped on 500 Road near Pryor about 10 p.m. Saturday because she saw a woman in her 30s waving her down.

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She said two men dressed as clowns then came out of a maroon Dodge Caravan and reportedly dragged her out of her car.

The woman said the clowns then assaulted her, put out a lit cigarette on her cheek and wrote “clown posse” on her face.

The woman was treated and released at the scene.

Deputies said the woman was really shaken up by the incident.

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They said they have identified two people of interest in the incident.

Investigators said they believe it was a random assault, and they are beefing up patrols in the area where the incident happened.

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