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A wife and mother surprised her husband with a superhero photo shoot, featuring her son as Robin, her husband in a Batman suit and herself as a damsel in distress.

The photo shoot, taken by Wisconsin photographer Eric Thiele, was considered one of the cutest in recent memory, but things have turned really ugly, really fast.

Roxanne Daly originally did the photo shoot as a surprise for her husband Mike who is a Batman fanatic, but the family has been receiving some disturbing backlash. According to ABC30, “the Dalys say they are receiving threats from people who believe they put themselves and their child in danger — and promoted illegal activity on the train tracks.”

Mike Daly revealed that some keyboard warriors on the Internet were making threats and even posting the family’s address online.

“Some people posted our address online, making threats that they would come in the middle of the night,” he said.

Roxanne Daly even begged her husband to get a hotel room because of the threats.

If you look at Buzzfeed’s comment section a person named Mike Daly — not confirmed to be him, but seems probable¬†given the detailed explanation — can be found defending the family’s shoot. This was a week ago.

Screenshot via Buzzfeed
Screenshot via Buzzfeed

And again:

Screenshot via Buzzfeed

The Dalys have notified police about the threats, but the authorities haven’t taken any action as of yet.

Below are the pictures that have caused such a commotion.

Do you think this photo shoot deserves such vitriol?

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