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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has doubled down on his accusations of “rigging” in the general election.

When asked about his claims in a CNN interview on Monday, campaign manager Kellyanne Conway spoke about his treatment by the media, remarking, “Anybody who reads the newspaper online or in print or has a remote control probably has recognized that in many ways, the fix is in for [Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton] when it comes to the mainstream media.”

Conway also criticized Clinton for spending a lot of money on negative ads against Trump.

On Trump’s worry of voter fraud come November, Conway said that the campaign would take action if there was any compelling evidence of the unethical practice. When told that there wasn’t, Conway repeated the word “if.”

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Trump’s idea of rigging, however, took on a different meaning.

Trump previously told his supporters that they needed to monitor polling stations to watch out for fraud. This not the first time Trump has claimed that the election was being purposefully stacked against him, whether at the hands of his own party, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign or the cast of “Saturday Night Live.”

Trump even accused Lester Holt, moderator of the first presidential debate, of working in favor of Clinton.

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