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Coweta County authorities are looking for two robbery suspects who threatened to shoot everyone inside of a Waffle House.

The robbery happened around 2:30 Thurday at the restaurant on Highway 29 in Newnan.

Deputies say the robbers gave a note to a waitress that threatened to shoot everyone unless she gave them money.

A different waitress went to her car to get a gun and fired one shot into the air while the robbers ran to their cars.

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“She made it known she was ready to defend herself,” customer Ben McCoy said.

McCoy said he hopes the robbers learn not to come back.

“If a citizen can help prevent something from escalating by exercising their constitutional rights, I’m all for it,” he said.

Neighbors said the incident has raised concerns about crime.

“It kind of makes me think twice about stopping here to get gas and this area in general,” Jamika Render said.

Render also said that she is glad no one was injured by the shot.

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“That bullet could have went anywhere, hit anyone, but I definitely think she had the right to defend herself,” she said.

The robbery marks the third Waffle House Robbery in Coweta County since September.

Authorities haven’t said whether this latest robbery is connected with the other two.

Channel 2’s Matt Johnson contacted the waitress who fired the shot, and she said she has been told not to comment.

The police report Johnson obtained made no mention that she would face charges.