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With great drone power comes great responsibility, and one Wisconsin drone owner definitely made the best use of his remote-control flying device when he attached a skeleton dummy to it and flew it around his neighborhood. And just in time for Halloween, too.

The man’s skeletal shenanigans ended up going viral thanks to his nephew Zac Crueger, who tweeted several pictures of the jerry-rigged drone.

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“My uncle, knowing him, had a spur of the moment idea and went with it,” Crueger told The Huffington Post via email.

“He’s an outside of the box kinda guy so it doesn’t surprise me that he did this,” Crueger continued. “It does surprise me at how much it’s blown up!”

According to a Twitter analytics screenshot provided by Crueger, his tweet was viewed more than 9.1 million times as of Tuesday morning.

This tweet pretty much summed up what the internet thought of the drone-inspired antics.

There has yet to be any footage of the drone in action, though Crueger claims that a video is in the works. Stay tuned!

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