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It is 2017 and the gender gap is still present as ever. There are plenty of improvements that need to be made when looking at the gender gap, but it is better than it once was. It is hard to believe that at one time, women were not allowed to do these four very common things…

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  1. Owning a credit card. Can you believe that during the 1970’s single or divorced women were required to bring a man to cosign on their credit card application?

  2. Serve on a jury. In 1879 it was said that female women could not adequately serve on a jury because they suffer from a “defect of sex.” This made it ok for courts to ban women from serving.
  3.  Taking birth control. Sex and contraception were seen as taboo for the majority of the 20th century. Couples weren’t allowed to “mess with nature” until 1965. Single women were not allowed to use birth control until 1972!
  4. Maternity leave. Maternity was once see as mandatory and permanent until 1964. Companies were under no obligation to retain pregnant workers. In 1978 the Pregnancy Discrimination Act was passed.