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Twitter could have saved this birthday girl

Terri Schindler Schiavo today would have turned 50 years old had Florida Circuit Court Judge George Greer in 2005 not ordered her feeding tube removed, a ruling that — combined with numerous other factors — effectively ended the longstanding bipartisan battle to save Terri’s life.

The foreign policy debate conservatives must have

President Obama’s foreign policy disasters have been so bad that he’s beginning to make Jimmy Carter look good. But if there is an upside to the U.S. abandoning our friends and kowtowing to our enemies, it’s that it’s forcing conservatives—and especially those who are considering a 2016 presidential run—to begin debating and outlining a coherent conservative foreign policy.

Christmas fun with Che Guevara

I was doing some early Christmas shopping this weekend when I discovered the most disturbing holiday gift since the John Wayne Gacy clown make-up kit.  Under the tree at one of my favorite stores was a Che Guevara plush doll.

The presidential god that failed

Suppose God has heard the prayers of conservatives and wants to end the Age of Progressivism? How would He do it?

Chances are that God knows that persuasion does not come from science or a rational argument. As Jonathan Haidt