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Someone gave Tom Cruise some truth serum last night!

On Tuesday night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Tom Cruise shared some secrets from the set of “Top Gun.” The movie celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, and Cruise was delighted to give some of the details from his days playing Maverick.

Shockingly, Cruise’s first confession of the evening happened as soon as he walked on the stage. He revealed that it was the first time he met Kenny Loggins, the artist behind the “Top Gun” theme song, “Highway to the Danger Zone.”

“I love his music,” Cruise said. “It’s just amazing.”

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Kimmel mentioned that when the producer of the film, Jerry Bruckheimer, was on the show, he said that he sent Cruise to fly with the Blue Angels in order to convince him to be in the movie.

“This is really funny. Now, Jerry, I’ve never told you this story,” Cruise said to the camera. “Now, the truth is that after the first meeting, I met with Tony [Scott] and Jerry, and I was flying to New York and I told my agent, I said, ‘I’m going to make this movie, but don’t tell Jerry that I want to make this movie.’ I wanted to fly with the Blue Angels. You gotta work these things.”

Cruise said that he asked for all of the Blue Angels’ training and flights in the F-14. He also sat in on all the meetings to learn a little bit about producing and called Bruckheimer “one of the greatest producers of all time.”

“And yet, you bamboozled him,” Kimmel joked.

“Sorry, Jerry!” Cruise said.

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Bruckheimer also told Kimmel that Cruise vomited during his flights with the Blue Angels — something Cruise remembered vividly. Cruise revealed that on that particular day, he had been a part of three flights with the Blue Angels.

“The guy that flew me in the first flight, his name was Bozo,” he said. That flight with Bozo was particularly rough on Cruise’s body, and he revealed that between takes, he would vomit in a bag at his feet. “The second I did that, he pulls up. My head, literally from the pressure, was on the floor, and I was holding my vomit.”

When Bozo finally released the pressure, Cruise said, “he said, ‘well, they don’t call me Bozo for nothing.'”

“That bag should be in the Smithsonian by now,” Kimmel joked.

But when a possible “Top Gun” sequel was mentioned, Cruise remained coy.

“It’s just gotta be right,” he said.

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