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Mark Wahlberg’s new film, “Patriots Day,” will hit theaters on Jan. 13, 2017, and is inspired by the Boston Marathon bombing. The film focuses on one police officer, who is played by Wahlberg, and highlights the bombing and the aftermath of the tragedy. Several of the law enforcement officers and victims who were affected by the bombing made an appearance at the film’s premier, which took place at the closing of the American Film Institute festival.

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Jimmy O. Yang plays Dun Meng, a Chinese student who gets caught up in the situation surrounding the bombing when he encounters the Tsarnaev brothers at a convenience store and they take him captive. Yang recently spoke to Rare about the upcoming film and described it as a way to “honor the victims and the heroes,” saying that “anything I can give back is great.” He described working with Wahlberg (who is a Boston native) as “life-changing” and said, “When you’re working with Mark, there’s just this great energy about him. He’s so intense, everything he brings to the scene […] it’s incredible.”

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Yang also has a recurring role on the HBO hit series “Silicon Valley” and will be appearing in “Life of the Party” with Melissa McCarthy in 2018.

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