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Mariah Carey has some pretty crazy diet rituals, and “The View” is here to comment on them!

In case you missed it, Carey came out this week and said that the only two things she eats to stay trim are Norwegian salmon and capers. That’s it.

On Wednesday, “The View” broke down their crazy diet rituals and what they would choose to eat if only given two options.

“How many points are in capers, though?” Joy Behar joked.

“She’s probably cranky,” Jedediah Bila said. “What I find is when I am doing like a cleanse, if I decide for a day, I am going to eat really healthy and I eat a salad, by the time I am done with the day, I am mad. I hate everything. You know, if you eat a piece of chocolate, you savor it. You are happy. A caper, a piece of salmon and maybe a Klondike bar. Throw something in there.”

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“I don’t believe that,” Sarah Haines added. “If you are on a no carb diet, like you have no body fat. I would never survive on it. To maintain curves and a zest you have to have a little more than that.”

“There are no points in a tablespoon of capers,” Sunny Hostin said. “No Weight Watchers points.”

“No points and no happiness,” Bila quipped.

“But it makes the choices easier. If you decide, ‘Every day, I am going to have collard greens and catfish,’ which is probably what I could live on,” Hostin said, “then there are no choices. Then it’s easy.”

“If you [did, what] would you eat?” Haines asked Behar. “Could you whittle it down to two?”

“Yeah, French fries and pasta,” Behar added, without missing a beat.

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