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In the hours following actress Carrie Fisher’s death on Tuesday, fans analyzed and disseminated countless moments from her life. One anecdote that quickly made the rounds on social media was a 2014 interview with the Hollywood Reporter about Robin Williams. The interview took place shortly after Williams took his own life in August 2014. According to Fisher, the late comedian was a longtime friend and had expressed some personal struggles to her in the years before his death.

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“He … looked lost, kind of, and he said that he didn’t think he was bipolar. He took the test that I gave the audience and got all the answers right, but didn’t think [being bipolar] was something that had anything to do with him,” Fisher said in 2014.

According to Fisher the chat came after a performance of her hit one-woman show, “Wishful Drinking.”

“I never heard anything so off the mark. Like I did, he was driven by that frantic eagerness that you don’t just want someone to like you, you want to explode on their night sky like a miracle. And he did.”

Months after Williams’ death, it was revealed that he likely suffered from Lewy Body Dementia which may have caused a mania that led to his suicide. At the time of Fisher’s comments, this was not public knowledge, and she theorized that he may have been struggling with some sort of mental health issue.

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“The reason I bring up the conversation after the play is because we were both slowed down. That was the one time that he was very serious. … I could tell he was struggling then. … But when you get there, it’s hard to talk,” Fisher said.

“You are reaching out from such a far away place. What do you say? You don’t want to be a burden and you don’t want to seem like you feel sorry for yourself — it’s humiliating among so many other things.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fisher began to cry as she recalled the conversation and her dear friend.

“He made us all feel like he wished he could. He brought joy and surprise, and he would take you places you wouldn’t even know you wanted to be. He gave you all the things he would’ve wanted to have. And that’s what made him so generous,” Fisher said.

On Tuesday, Fisher passed away after spending several days in the hospital. She suffered a cardiac episode on a flight from London to Los Angeles. Though she was quickly transported from the plane to a hospital, she passed away at age 60.

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