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Things between Paris Jackson and her mother, Debbie Rowe, are getting better.

Earlier this year, the mother and daughter reconnected after Jackson learned that Rowe was battling breast cancer. Jackson had reportedly been estranged from her mother since her father, Michael Jackson, died in 2009. According to Rowe, a wedge was driven between her and her teenage daughter by members of the Jackson family.

After hearing of her mother’s diagnosis, Jackson reportedly contacted her mother immediately, and the two have reestablished their tight bond.

Jackson has posted photos of outings with her mother on social media as Rowe continues the fight for her life.

“I’m a fighter because she’s a fighter,” Jackson wrote on Instagram in October, “love you mom.”

i'm a fighter because she's a fighter. love you mom

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On Monday, Jackson shared some sweet photos of more time with her mom. The two are all smiles as they embrace for the camera.

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“date with mommy,” she wrote alongside the collage.

Rowe reportedly began her chemotherapy treatments in October, and her daughter has been by her side every step of the way.

Keep fighting, Debbie!

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