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Jette Collins is on a mission. The 18-year-old boy from Syracuse, New York wants to find his biological father.

In 1996, Collins’ mom met a young man at a musical gathering called K-Rockathon named Jason, who eventually became the father to baby Jette.

In a moving Facebook post, Collins’ sent out a heartfelt message in an effort to locate his father.

If you can’t quite read his sign, this is Collins’ well-written note:

“I am looking for a man named Jason, who lived in Syracuse, New York, in 1996. He went to the first K-rockathon … [and] met a woman named Diana Collins, I am the product of that night. I am not asking for anything. Just would like to meet my biological father.”

As of Thursday afternoon, his post has been shared more than 9,800 times! Facebook users have shared their support as well as kind words of encouragement in the comments section of the post as well.

Good luck from us too, Jette!

(h/t Mashable)

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