American astronaut Buzz Aldrin, a man who loves to go where few men ever have, had to be medically evacuated from the South Pole on Thursday. The second person to walk on the Moon, Aldrin, 86, was traveling the region as part of a tourist group.

According to a National Science Foundation release, the “ailing” Aldrin needed a flight from the Antarctic coast to New Zealand. He was reportedly in stable condition when the flight arrived.

A private tourism firm, White Desert, made the call for help.

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Aldrin tweeted several photographs from Cape Town, South Africa before departing for the South Pole.

Aldrin, a Montclair, N.J. native, was on the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon in 1969 along with Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong. Armstrong became the first person to ever set foot on the Moon, with Adrin following in his footsteps.

Hopefully, Aldrin will soon be back on his feet and ready to tackle yet another adventure.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s latest adventure to the South Pole takes a scary turn for the worse Photo by John Salangsang/Invision/AP
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