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Now that’s a head of hair!

On Wednesday, Ellen DeGeneres welcomed 7-month-old baby Theo and his gorgeous head of hair on her show, and she seriously couldn’t get enough!

Baby Theo recently took EllenTube by storm after his mother posted a video of him on the channel. That video got 50 million views!!

As his mom, Adrianna, talked about the video, Theo gave a little squeal for the audience and said hello!

“At some point, didn’t you think that it would change?” DeGeneres asked.

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Adrianna revealed that everyone said the hair would fall out but it just keeps growing. To care for the hair, she uses shampoo, conditioner and believe it or not, a blow dryer.

She also revealed that her older son, Brody, was also born with a full head of hair, though it is not as long and luscious as Theo’s hair.

“Can I touch it?” DeGeneres asked.

“Please do!” Adrianna said. “Some people think I put a wig on my baby!”

Because he has such a full head of hair, like a rock star, DeGeneres surprised Adrianna and Theo with a KISS themed outfit he can wear for Halloween. It really is the perfect costume for him!

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