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Michael Phelps is back to where it all began.

Video uploaded on Phelps Facebook page shows his 6-month-old son Boomer Phelps inside a pool in Baltimore with his father and his swim instructor, Cathy Bennett, on Monday.

Bennett was also the one who taught Phelps when he was little, the “Today Show” reported. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the pool they were swimming in was also the same exact one Phelps swam in when he was 6.

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Boomer can be seen latching onto Bennett for a while, but she eventually hands him over to his daddy. Then, Boomer quickly hangs onto him and nearly falls asleep right in his arms.

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“He doesn’t want to get wet,” Phelps said. “He doesn’t want to put his face under. He is like dad, I guess.”

“Guess he really does just go to his happy place, just like daddy when he is in the pool,” Phelps added.

Nicole, Phelps’ wife, also joined in on the fun as well.

Many people commented on Phelps video saying things like, “Soooo happy to see you doing this at such an early age! Important and shows how much you love him. Great parents and responsible!” and “To think he has the greatest swimmer of all time teaching him to swim. What a lucky little guy.”

Although this swimming lesson is adorable, it isn’t first time Boomer has been seen in a pool with his dad.

Will we see Boomer in the Olympics one day? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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