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Strangers in a YouTube video that has been making the rounds on the Internet have a ball at their first meeting and discover some of what they have in common.

The video, published by the YouTube channel “SoulPancake,” is titled “Take a Seat — Make a Friend?” and opens by zooming in on a Chuck E. Cheese’s-like ball pen with a sign inviting passers-by to “Take a Seat & Make a Friend” — giving participants a couple of “baller” prompts to help them sink into conversation.

Among the prompts are “Create a secret handshake,” “Share three things on your bucket list” and “Find one thing you have in common.”

The responses garnered by the video are varied but mainly positive.

“If they did at least one of these in every city, the world would be a better place. No lie,” said YouTube user “Fluffy McChubb.”

A more skeptical user called “zimonslot” had this to say:

“It’s totally some dumb google-like dumb**** marketing gimmick, it even sounds scripted.”

Either way, said another, the video has an uplifting message.

“Scripted or not, the meaning of this video is you letting go of your little ego, gather a little of your courage, smile and say hi to strangers in a closed environment. Example is talking to new colleagues in a new workplace,” says “liewweijieee.”


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