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Her grandmother noticed her smile first and thought she should have a chance in front of a camera. Turns out a British clothing line agreed. She’s beautiful!

From Huffington Post:

A little girl with athetoid cerebral palsy has a smile that’s too big to be ignored. And now, her heartwarming grin is being featured in an online fashion catalogue in England.

Seven-year-old Holly Greenhow cannot walk or talk, but she just starred in a photo shoot for Boden, a British clothing store, ITV News reports.

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It all started when her grandmother pointed out that Holly’s smile was definitely worthy of an advertisement. Her mother, Fiona Greenhow, then approached Boden — Holly’s favorite store — and two years later, the company gave the 7-year-old a modeling opportunity.

“Holly has such a beautiful smile and modeling is not all about being perfect,” Fiona Greenhow told the Hunts Post. “Therefore why shouldn’t she be considered, we thought.”

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