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Yeah, yeah. His dad might be Batman, but that doesn’t impress Samuel Affleck.

With Halloween just around the corner, Ben Affleck revealed to E! News that he always lets his kids pick their own costumes. He just might wish Samuel had gone in a different direction.

“I leave it wide open for them,” he said. “My son told me a friend of his asked who his favorite superhero was and he said his favorite superhero was Flash and he goes ‘What about Batman’ and he goes ‘Batman’s just my dad’ so he’s kind of over it.”

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As for getting the costumes, Affleck assured us that we won’t see him sitting over a sewing machine anytime soon.

“I’m not going to stand here and pretend that I’m at the loom spinning costumes out of the wheel, but I take them to the store where you buy costumes,” Affleck joked. “You know, they have highly flammable plastic outfits that you dress children in once a year and take them around to strangers’ houses.”

Affleck’s latest flick, “The Accountant,” hits theaters on October 14.

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