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Each month, Turner Classic Movies honors a different star from the golden age of Hollywood with programming catered to the celebration of his or her career. A video package that highlights moments from the star’s life is then put together to air during the month.

Years ago, when TCM chose Debbie Reynolds as its “star of the month,” her daughter Carrie Fisher was selected to pay tribute.

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Earlier this week, mother and daughter passed away within a day and a half of each another. Fisher died after suffering cardiac arrest on an airplane. Reynolds was the victim of a stroke, or perhaps a broken heart from her daughter’s death

In the TCM clip, Fisher speaks of her mother with great reverence, and talks about how much she loved performing and how wonderful of a figure she was in her children’s lives.

“When I was little, I couldn’t believe my luck. This beautiful, funny, movie star was my mother,” Fisher remembered.

Fisher described what it meant being Debbie Reynolds’ daughter.

“First and foremost, she loves being a mother. In our own odd way, we’ve had a typical mother/daughter relationship,” she shared.

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