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Carrie Fisher is reportedly in intensive care after suffering a medical emergency on a flight from London to Los Angeles on Friday, her brother, Todd Fisher, says.

“She is in the intensive care unit, she is being well looked after,” Todd told Entertainment Tonight. “If everyone could just pray for her, that would be good. The doctors are doing their thing and we don’t want to bug them. We are waiting by patiently.”

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As for her condition, Todd told ET, “We don’t know. We hope for the best.”

“We certainly do not know her condition, that’s why she is in ICU. I’m sure everyone wants to speculate, but now is not the time for that,” he added.

On Friday, Todd told the Associated Press that Fisher, 60, was in stable condition and had left the emergency room. A few hours later, he said that she was getting “excellent care” but couldn’t provide any more information.

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TMZ, who first reported the news, said the “Star Wars” star suffered a heart attack on her way back to the United States. She was in London filming for Season 3 of “Catastrophe.”

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