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A scary beauty trend is flooding social media, and it’s called “rib-cage bragging.”

The trend consists of people being skinny enough to see their ribs or posing at an angle in which their rib cage can be easily seen.

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Reflect and recharge 📍❤️🍒

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The craze is inspired by models and celebrities who have been posting pictures saying “bikini ready” with their protruding ribs, which promotes unhealthy and unattainable looks, according to Cosmopolitan.

This isn’t the first time beauty trends have been alarming. In the past, people were striving to achieve a heroin chic, thigh gap, bikini bridge, ab cracks and thighbrows, according to Yahoo.

Weekend ready wearing my new fav 👙 @amoreandsorvete #partner

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Some Twitter users aren’t falling for this “beauty” movement and are continuing to promote self love.

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