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Colin Farrell had to have a tough conversation because of the election.

Farrell appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and caught up with his good friend about all things life, family and the election.

His sons, James, 13, and Henry, 7, have been pretty interested in this year’s election, which has prompted interesting discussions in their house.

Henry has reportedly taken a vested interest in this election, something Ferrell seemed pretty impressed with.

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“He’s kind of a little bit over it now. He kind of just wants to know why everyone’s being so mean to each other,” Farrell explained. “Which is the question on everyone’s lips.”

The audience applauded in agreement.

“He just gets the energy and that it’s so mean. He wasn’t a huge fan of Trump, initially. I think a little bit because of his hair maybe. More importantly, because of the potential of the mistreatment of Mexicans. That was literally verbatim from Henry. And now, he can’t stand Trump because I had to explain to him why Trump keeps on being mean to kittens.”

DeGeneres looked perplexed but went along with it.

“He just keeps grabbing those kittens.”

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