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Two Georgia police officers threw changing diapers into the mix of job duties last week after finding babies with soiled diapers left behind in a car.

Officers Kerry Stallings and Mark Stevens of Dunwoody, Ga. were responding to a shoplifting complaint at Walmart last Friday when they found the parents’ children left unwatched in the parking lot, reported WXIA.

The parents, who were arrested, had left behind the infants while on their illegal escapade and what the cops found were helpless children in diapers that desperately needed changing.

“I’ve changed many outside of work, but in 15 years, I’ve never had to change a diaper at work,” Officer Stevens told NBC affiliate, 11 Alive.

Both officers are fathers and took care of business without giving it a second thought.

A fellow officer at the scene took a photo and posted it to the Dunwoody Police Dept. Facebook page, where it took off.

The city council was proud of the officers’ reactions and is now bestowing the two cops with diaper bags for any future run-ins the men should have with children in dirty diapers.

“I will carry that proudly. I will show up with my gear bag and my diaper bag on calls. And if I need to change a diaper out on a call, I have changed many before, and I can do another one,” Stevens told the reporter.

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