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Paris Jackson experienced pure terror when she engaged in a session with Criss Angel.

Jackson was part of Angel’s new special on A&E, “Criss Angel: Trick’d Up,” on Wednesday, and the chilling moment behind the scenes will stick with her forever.

In the clip, Angel tells Jackson to look deep into his eyes, and right away, she looks terrified and starts to breath heavily.

“What do you see,” Angel asked.

“Death,” she answered and ripped her hands out of his.

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“She saw death in me,” Angel told “Entertainment Tonight.” “I think that people, when they go through a traumatic experience in their life, those emotions never go away.”

Jackson and her late father, Michael Jackson, were always found of Angel’s magic, and she continues to keep in touch with the illusionist.

“ET” cut back to the emotional moment, and Jackson was still visibly shaken. Angel said that in that moment, he also felt “darkness.”

“She has had her own challenges and her own demons, like we all have, and you’ve got to consider the fact that this young lady grew up with a father that was the biggest star on the planet, period.”

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