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Racing royals!

On Sunday, Duchess Kate, Prince William and Prince Harry had a little family competition at a charity event for their mental health campaign, Heads Together.

The royals appeared joined nearly 150 Head’s Together volunteers who are preparing to run the 2017 London Marathon at the starting line of London Marathon Community Track. During their visit, Prince William, Prince Harry and Duchess Kate each ran one leg of the relay, which was about 50 meters.

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William had a little fun with his teammates ahead of the race joking, “Oh, my hamstring,” before taking off against his wife and brother.

According to PEOPLE, Prince Harry was the first to make it to his team member with William trialing behind in second place and Duchess Kate bringing it in for third place.

“You nearly beat me!” William reportedly exclaimed to his wife after the race. Apparently, it was a close one!

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