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Congratulations, Daquan Miney!

On a recent episode of “Ellen,” Ellen DeGeneres invited three members of her studio audience to play in a casino set up in their studio. Aided by guests Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler. After the first two contestants walked away with a new TV and a $2,000 Visa card, Miney stepped up to “The Wheel of Riches.”

Before he spun the wheel, DeGeneres asked him a few questions. These questions revealed Miney to be a grad student who works with special ed. students and is the first in his family to go to college.

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“True or false: you have worked multiple jobs to put yourself through college, but you will still have $50,000 in loans,” DeGeneres asked, which Miney confirmed is true.

After landing on the “House Mystery Prize,” Poehler peeled the card back to reveal that Miney would be leaving the studio with $100,000. Miney burst into tears and hugged DeGeneres to thank her for her generosity.

Miney also won a pair of “Ellen” underwear on his first spin.

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