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Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres are just two gals shopping at CVS — except they aren’t!

The First Lady of the United States and the current first lady of daytime television took a quick shopping trip to a local CVS to get Mrs. Obama acclimated to life outside the White House. Hey, she’s been in there for a while. Times have changed!

After turning in their coins at a Coinstar machine and cashing in, Obama and DeGeneres really got into their shopping.

“CVS, of course, stands for ‘cotton, Vaseline, and stuff,'” DeGeneres joked.

Obama picked out headphones for her daughter, Sasha, before heading over to the most important aisle in CVS — the wine aisle.

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“Do you want any of this?” DeGeneres said of some boxed wine.

“How does this work?” Obama asked as DeGeneres tried to open the box. “We need cups. You can drink this for six weeks after opening?!”

They struggled to open the box, and DeGeneres called in reinforcements to help them serve the wine to the people. (White Zin? Ladies, you could have done better.)

One lucky shopper was rewarded for her efforts with a box of Franzia signed by DeGeneres and Obama.

“Michelle, what kind of cream do you need for that rash you were telling me about?” DeGeneres yelled, picking up the speaker. “We need cream for a rash that Shelly has. Where is the rash?”

“My shoulder,” Obama replied, blushing.

“It’s lower than that,” DeGeneres announced.

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Finally, the ladies headed to the self-checkout, but they were definitely stumped and had to call an employee to help them out.

“Can you just give it to us? We are both very busy women,” DeGeneres asked.

“No, we are going to pay! I can’t take bribes, I work for the government,” Obama said, scanning her first item.

DeGeneres admittedly “got sick of” all the hard work with the self-checkout and gave up. When it came time to pay, Mrs. Obama ponied up and paid for the items. She packed DeGeneres and all of the items into the cart, and they were off.

“I’ll be back in 2017. By myself. I’m not taking Ellen,” Mrs. Obama said as she pushed the cart out the door.

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