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Chip and Joanna Gaines are happy to help Waco, Texas.

The fun-loving “Fixer Upper” couple stopped by “TODAY” to talk about their new book, “The Magnolia Story,” and discussed how they balance work and family.

Their television show is the most-watched program on HGTV, and of course, Chip had a dad joke ready to go.

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“You know, they call these things ‘marathons,’ and I joke with my buddies that this is the closest to a marathon that I’m gonna get,” he said. “It’s an honor.”

The couple was able to “breathe fresh air” into the little town of Waco, which is something they are so proud of. They also discussed a few of their favorite projects with the “TODAY” hosts.

“The kitchens and baths are the way you make your money,” Chip advised at-home fixer uppers. Joanna also suggested that homeowners create gathering places for their families.

Great tips!

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