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Joanna Gaines has been addressing a lot of rumors about her relationship to her husband, Chip Gaines, and her career in the last few months. However, one rumor in particular prompted her to take to social media and make a public statement.

Joanna posted on her Facebook on Friday, July 21, to address some rumors that she’s leaving “Fixer Upper” to work on a skincare/makeup line. She used this opportunity to make it clear that these rumors are not at all true.

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“I wanted to take a minute to let y’all know that it’s simply not true,” she wrote. “This is a SCAM! We have nothing to do with it and have been trying to stop it for some time.”

Joanna had previously written about the makeup scam in a blog post back in April, writing “In summary, don’t buy the facial cream, friends.”

She also used this time to encourage her fans to spread the information and to report any “fake news websites or sponsored ads.”

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