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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — A class of kindergartners wrote letters to Santa and attached their letters to balloons that were then launched to the “North Pole.” However, one girl’s letter floated astray and was lost.

Enter Terry Hardin, who was working in downtown San Diego when he noticed a red balloon falling out of the sky toward him. Hardin did not know from where the balloon came, but after reading the letter he kew he needed to find out.

The attached letter was from a 5-year-old named Joie — the exact name and spelling of Hardin’s mother, who recently died.

According to Fox5 San Diego, the note read: “Dear Santa, I would like to have a mermaid doll with a bow for Christmas. Thank you, Love Joie.”

With help from Facebook, Hardin discovered the author of the letter was a member of Mrs. Garay’s kindergarten class at St. Rose of Lima School, in Chula Vista.

“Joie’s balloon was the only one that wasn’t taking off at the time when we let go of our balloons, so we ripped off the corner of hers to make it lighter, and there it went; off into the air,” Garay told Fox5.

Since Joie’s letter never made it to the North Pole, Hardin decided Santa could use a little help and he purchased a mermaid doll and is making arrangements to deliver it to Joie.

Hardin told Fox5 the balloon was a gift from the heavens.