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Lilly Bumpus kicked cancer in the butt, but her road to recovery hasn’t been an easy one, confess Lilly’s parents, Larry and Trish Bumpus, in a “Little Remedies” interview posted to YouTube Nov. 1.

“Every day was living on the edge; I didn’t know how much time I was going to have with our daughter,” said Larry of his daughter’s rocky journey from the time she was born to the time she was pronounced cancer-free.

Lilly was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a form of bone cancer that “most commonly affects children and young adults,” according to the Mayo Clinic website.

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Six days after she was born in July 2012, Lilly’s parents discovered a bump on her chest — a bump initially brushed off my medical professionals as a birthmark. But the so-called birthmark in three months became the size of a golfball.

A biopsy revealed the seriousness of Lilly’s condition: She was one of only four known cases of Ewing’s sarcoma.

Lilly underwent 14 rounds of chemotherapy, each time suffering through near adult-strength doses, before walking out of the hospital in her pink felt “I beat cancer” cape.

But Lilly wasn’t yet out of the woods, as she suddenly took a turn for the worse when she began running a fever of almost 107 degrees.

Desperate to bring her temperature down, Lilly’s parents rushed her to the hospital where a medical team surrounded Lilly in bags of ice and struggled to insert an IV.

And, when Lilly’s doctors were ready to throw in the towel, Lilly’s parents never surrendered their faith.

“We just didn’t come this far to lose,” said Larry. “We want to take our daughter home.”

Trish begged the IV tech to try giving Lilly the fluids one last time and — miraculously — the prick took.

“They had all given up,” Trish said of those caring for Lilly during her fever. “But we didn’t,” she said, adding she kicked out of the hospital room every single person who, at that point, had given up on her daughter.

“If you’ve given up on her, then I’ve given up on you. Go!”

Life isn’t something to take for granted, said Trish.

“Treasure it like it’s a gift.”


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