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Wanda Dench of Mesa, Arizona, sent a text to whom she thought was her grandson, inviting him and his girlfriend to Thanksgiving dinner.

However, Dench accidentally sent the text to the wrong number, and it ended up arriving at the phone of another young man, Jamal Hinton.

Hinton replied to the text, thinking that it might actually be his grandmother and that she had just changed her phone number. After a few back and forth texts, it was determined that Dench had texted the wrong number, but Hinton asked if the invitation to dinner still stood.

Dench replied that it did, saying, “that’s what grandmas do….feed everyone.”

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Well, Thanksgiving Day arrived, and true to her word, Dench welcomed Hinton to dinner.

When he arrived, their handshake quickly turned to a hug.

“I’d never seen her before and she welcomed me into her home,” Hinton told ABC15. “That shows me how great of a person she is, I’m thankful for people like that.”

Since the story was posted on social media, it has gone viral, with people from all over commenting on her kindness after a simple mistake.

When asked about the response to her story, Dench replied, “This wasn’t me, it’s come from God above,” she said. “He’s just using us as his tools and vessels to bring a message to others.”

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