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Iraq war veteran and amputee J.R. Salzman was the recipient of a free cab ride during a recent trip to Dallas thanks to the gratitude of a Kurdish taxi driver.

“I told him that I lost my arm in Iraq and he immediately said, ‘Well, what city?’ And I said ‘Baghdad’ … and I told him it was an [explosively formed penetrator],” Salzman said Thursday while on The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson.

The driver, later identified by Salzman on Twitter, went silent for a few minutes.

“A couple minutes went by and, he had a really thick accent, so I kind of wanted to find out where he was from. And, so I said, ‘Would you mind telling me where you’re from?’ And he kind of choked out the words ‘I’m a Kurd.’ He was a Kurd from northern Iraq and he said ‘I can’t look at you or I’ll start crying; know that I’m so incredibly grateful for what you’ve done for me and for all of us,'” said Salzman.

“He was just incredibly overwhelmed and grateful for what I had done.”

The taxi driver was so overwhelmed with gratitude, said Salzman on Twitter, that he offered to pay for the veteran’s hotel accommodations — but Salzman declined as he was in town on business.

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