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VIENNA, Va. – This sounds a scene from a superhero movie: a father is thanking his daughter for lifting a truck off him, then saving the rest of her family from a fire.

Eric Hefflemire says he was working on his truck at his Virginia home when it slipped off the jack, pinning him under the car and spilling gasoline everywhere.

Then, an explosion started a fire in the family’s garage. His 19-year-old daughter, Charlotte, was home and still can’t quite explain what happened next.

“I went over to the truck, lifted it the first time. He was like, ‘Okay you’ve almost got it.’ I lifted it one more time and finally managed to get it,” said Charlotte.

Once her dad was safe, she got into the truck and drove it out of the garage to contain the fire. Then, she calmly walked into the house and got everyone out, picking up her infant niece first. The fire department recently recognized her with a citizen lifesaving award.


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