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The Internet, for all its downfalls, creepiness and scariness, so often rewards its users with an impossibly heartwarming story.

As far as adorable little kids go, four-year-old Noah Fisher seems pretty great. Recently, the little boy was embarrassed and scared about having to wear his new glasses to school. He was convinced that all of his classmates were going to laugh at him. With the help of his mother and a legion of kindhearted web users, Noah received a little extra encouragement to overcome his fear.

His mother Lindsay invited friends and family to a Facebook page titled “Glasses for Noah.” The page was intended for people who Noah knew to post messages and videos in effort to show him that glasses are a normal part of life. Glasses for Noah quickly took off, as people around the world began sharing the page and posting photos of people wearing glasses.

Every night, Noah and his mother sat down and went through the comments, looking at all the people who were scared just like Noah.

The Fisher family recently hit the “Today Show” to tell Noah’s story and remind people that being different, in any manner, is completely OK.