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On Wednesday evening, actress Debbie Reynolds, known for her long career in Hollywood, passed away. TMZ reported that Reynolds suffered a stroke Wednesday afternoon while planning funeral arrangements for her daughter, actress Carrie Fisher. Fisher died 24 hours before her mother after suffering cardiac arrest on an airplane.

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According to TMZ, Reynolds’ son, Todd Fisher claimed that his mother told him that she wanted to be with Carrie shortly before her death.

“I miss her so much, I want to be with Carrie,” Reynolds reportedly told her son.

TMZ claims that Todd Fisher told them that the comment came about fifteen minutes before Reynolds suffered the stroke that ultimately took her life. According to the gossip website, Reynolds had been in poor health for much of the year.

“Debbie actually had several strokes this year and was in failing health, and they believe Carrie’s death was too much to bear,” sources reportedly told TMZ.

Reynolds death sent shockwaves through Hollywood as entertainers and fans mourned the loss of one of the last members of the “golden age” of Hollywood.

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