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Tyler Perry celebrated his birthday in a big way this year!

To honor his 47th year of life, Perry decided to bike 47 miles, one for each year he’s spent on Earth.

“It was a beautiful thought,” he told Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday. “A mile a year to say thanks to God, to everything that’s happened to me. To be grateful for it. It was supposed to be a beautiful moment. To say thanks for my son, you know? Every mile meant something. But, at the that end of the 47 miles, somewhere around mile 4, I started thinking, ‘is this the best way to say thank you? Maybe I can just stop by a chapel and light a candle or something.”

Perry revealed that most of his biking happens in SoulCycle, so this trek was particularly difficult for him.

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“There’s a difference from when the bike is moving as opposed to being stationary in one spot,” he explained. “Because, when it’s on the road, it hit bumps and the seat is hard. I had to go to Home Depot to get a butt replacement after it was over, but I made it through.”

“The butt replacement on the seat, not your butt, right?” DeGeneres clarified.

“My butt,” Perry confirmed as the audience broke out in laughter. “You haven’t been out around Hollywood? They have quite a few.”

“I’ve seen new butts. I just didn’t know they sold them at Home Depot,” DeGeneres joked. “What aisle is that in?”

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Perry then put on his best Madea voice and answered, “the Bootylicious aisle. Beyoncé’s aisle.”

Speaking of Madea, Perry’s new Halloween flick, “Boo! A Madea Halloween” is in theaters now. Perry said he had some reservations about doing the film, but now that it’s out, he is very proud of it.

“It’s the funniest thing I’ve done,” he said. He also wanted to make one thing clear: “I have clowns in the movie, but I have nothing to do with these sightings that are going on all over the country. I wrote this long before that happened. That’s not me. But Madea does know how to handle a clown.”

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