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Thinking of going abroad but terrified because of advice you’ve received from friends and family recommending you hide cash in every which pocket “just in case” you’re robbed? Take comfort — and courage — in this couple’s experience with a Bavarian taxi-cab driver.

The driver found and returned to his patrons nearly $340,000 in cash — money the driver discovered had been left in the back seat of his car Oct. 27.

“I was totally perplexed and surprised that people could carry around so much cash and then forget it,” driver Thomas Günter told the The Local.

Mr. Günter had picked up the couple at a bank earlier that day and cabbed them home.

Less than an hour after finding the money, Mr. Günter was on the their doorstep, later telling the The Local keeping the money was “not an option” as it likely would have ruined the couple.

“She was as white as a sheet and told me that I saved her life,” he said of the woman.

The  driver refused all but the fare it cost him to return the money: $16.60.

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