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Actress Molly Sims and her husband, Scott Stuber, welcomed their third child, a boy, into the world this week, and the new mom is totally beaming.

Sims shared the first photo of her newborn with fans on Instagram just one day after giving birth.

“Welcome to the world Grey Douglas Stuber 1.10.17 Words do not express how grateful and happy we are to have another piece of magic added to our little tribe! #blessed 😇#tribeof5,” she wrote.

Sims and Stuber have two more children together — son Brooks Allen and daughter Scarlett May.

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Belly loving babies! 💕 My 10 tips to prepare your kids for a new sibling {link in bio}

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Throughout her pregnancy, Sims kept fans up to date on her health and mood through her blog.

In a recent post, the opened up about how the pregnancy was making her a “crazy bitch.”

“I’ve just been a little bit irritated I think because I’m tired,” Sims explained. “I feel like [the baby’s] on my knees about to give, come out of me.”

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She added that common household chores helped distract her from the hormonal changes.

“I have been cleaning that effing house; I have thrown everything away,” she wrote, adding, “My husbands [sic] like, ‘We’re not going to have anything left… I did nine big trash bags of clothes out of my closet last week.”

All of the craziness seems like it was worth it, because little Grey is one cute baby!

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